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I've visited the California Disneyland and the Florida Disney World many times, here's my tips:

Stay hydrated, be prepared to wait in line for your favorite ride or event, wear a hat and bring sunglasses. Let yourself be surprised, don't climb onto the Teacups unless you know your stomach can take that twirling (it's like a NASA astronaut training module).

If you're not sure you're going to have fun before you arrive, and then before you know it it's dark, fireworks are going off, and the place is closing down, congratulations: you had fun.

5 Most Important Tips for visiting Walt Disney World

Tips on how to make your best trip to the Disney Parks

Disney Castle Goofy 4 Mickey - Florida

What you don't know about the food at Disneyland -

Disney Castle - Goofy 4 Mickey at Disneyworld

"An insider's guide" to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2023 @DisneyworldChron

Visit Goofy 4 Mickey at Disneyworld

"I've traveled to Disney World over 100 times. Here are the 8 things I'll never do there again." – MSN Insider

Teacups Twirling

Question: should I go to Disney World or to Disneyland?Travel and Leisure

In the rain at Florida Disney World

You want to go to the park, but you've got to trim the costs a little: here are ways to save money on your Disney World vacation - From park tickets to hotels and food, here’s how to make your next Disney trip more affordable.CNBC

Eating at Be Our Guest Beauty and the Beast - Disney World Florida Goofy for Mickey

$5,000 and a family of four at Walt Disney WorldMSN Motley Fool

Air travel, rental car, hotel, park tickets, food: "family of four can expect to pay between $3,800 and $4,400 for a four-night, three-day trip to Disney World in Florida. The precise total depends on factors such as whether a family travels during the peak or off season, at which Disney property the family stays, and whether they're driving or flying to Orlando."

Main Street Disney World

The Disney experience: waiting in lineMSN Explore

"Even the same ride might have you wait longer during peak season. For instance, those who'd like to get a seat on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Fantasyland might need to wait 74 minutes on average, but they could stand in line for as long as three hours during peak season, according to Theme Park Center."

At Disneyworld

Buying Disneyland Souvenirs doesn't have to be priceyMSN USA Today

Main Street Rain at Disnwy World

Tips and Tricks for a Disney World Family TripUS News Travel

The tall castle at  Disneyworld

So, you're hungry and you want to eat somethingCinemablend and USA Today

The park reservation system for the eating establishments can be a challenge, but recent alterations are creating a system in which, if you're determined to eat at a certain location, you'll be able to look on your phone and see what's booked up and what's got an availability and when that is.

Night time lights at Walt Disney World in Florida

Packing for Disney? What to bring, what not to bringCharlotte Observer

The Electrical Parade at Disney World

Take a napMSN Insider

"My family and I go to Disney theme parks all the time. We learned that taking naps at the hotel midday is crucial to enjoying ourselves."

The Electric Parade Mushroom and Butterfly

Ranking the "thrill rides" at Disney WorldUSA Today

Fireworks in the sky at Walt Disney World in FLorida

Going to Disney World... all by yourselfMSN Insider

"I stayed at a Disney resort for a solo weekend getaway. I ate breakfast with Goofy, got a massage, and saw fireworks."

Photos by Erik Weems

This Youtube Channel has an endless amount of info about Disneyworld in which the host (La Reina Creole) visits the park on a live stream many, many times. Recordings of the visits are at the channel.

Independence Day at the Magic Kingdom | Stroll and Chill Livestream | Disney World 2023 4th Of July

Palm Trees and Roller Coasters

5 Most Important Tips for visiting Walt Disney World

The Most Popular Rides at Walt DIsney World

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